Egypt constitution approved in vote say rival camps have to settle differences

Egypt constitution approved in vote say rival camps have to settle differences

The United Nations refugee agency said on Friday it was alarmed by growing reports of people crossing through the Libyan border into Mali to escape fighting between militias.

More than 40 people had crossed into northern Mali overnight, a member of the UN Refugee Agency said, speaking on condition of anonymity. The member said only eight asylum seekers and five staff had been arrested in that border crossing.

The UNHCR said it had asked its representative in Bamako to monitor the progress of the new migration law, which the ruling Tuareg region is supporting, and that it was working with agencies to coordinate and monitor the entry of migrants into Mali.

The UN said there was a danger of worsening the violence between the north and the south as the country comes under increased international pressure to stop the bloodshed there, which has triggered threats by the US to send troops.

The UN refugee agency warned of further arrivals 바카라사이트in the west, particularly north of the border, while the UN children’s agency said more than 7,000 children were thought to have been left with no place to go.

Mali’s army and national government have said Islamist rebels fighting for former Tuareg leader Anwar al-Sadr launched a major offensive last weekend to take control of western and central Mali.

The Tuaregs accuse the army of backing the rebels, 바카라some with foreign support, and have also said they will respond by attacking Bamako.

The UN’s Special Envoy to Mali, Nickolay Mladenov, called for a “thorough response” by both sides and pledged that international agencies would play a more active role.

“We call for peace, security, law and order… and a political solution that will not include militias fighting each other for their national liberation,” Mladenov said in a statement.

The United Nations on Friday said the international community’s only hope lay in UN peacekeepers on the ground helping Mali end the conflict.

Molinshah Ould Cheikh Ahmed, the UN special envoy to Mali, said: “If the security situation on the ground does not improve then you’ll need to work out a sustainab우리카지노le solution, a political solution,” Ould Cheikh Ahmed said after meeting with troops and locals in Bamako.

The U.N. humanitarian agency said in a statement that the United Nations was considering using its emergency appeal powers and the new law to offer to send additional troops, but did not have a precise figure.

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